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Getting your HST back

RECEIVE an HST Rebate of up to $30,000

IF YOU Purchased a new construction home or Renovated an old one!

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If you bought a new construction property as an investment then the New Residential Rental Program Rebate is for you. It is designed to ensure you pay the same price as owner occupied purchasers do. Don’t be mislead, even if you paid over a million dollars you're still eligible for a rebate!

HST Rebate on Home Renovations

The New Housing HST Rebate also applies to substantial renovations, additions and conversions. The word "substantial" is key in determining whether or not your claim for renovations will be successful. In the case of conversions, there are strict guidelines with respect to the prior use of the building, the timing of the changes, and the individual(s) taking up residence during or after the conversion. Generally speaking, if the renovations or changes you make are great enough, the government may agree to treat it as a newly built house for the purposes of the rebate. We can help you determine if the construction work you did to your house is extensive enough to consider your house as new. Even better, though, talk to us before you start your renovation project - it may make financial sense to expand your plans, claim the HST rebate, and use those funds to pay for a larger renovation!

Get your HST Rebate of up to $30,000. Fill out the form at the top of this page for a complimentary assessment of your situation,
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