HST Rebate on Home Renovations, New Home & New Residential Rental Property Rebate in Ontario

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Getting your HST back

RECEIVE an HST Rebate of up to $30,000

IF YOU Purchased a new construction home or Renovated an old one!

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Find out how much money you could receive TODAY!

If you bought a new construction property as an investment then the New Residential Rental Program Rebate is for you. It is designed to ensure you pay the same price as owner occupied purchasers do. Don’t be mislead, even if you paid over a million dollars you're still eligible for a rebate!

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Are you are eligible for a non-taxable cash refund of up to $7,500?
Get a free assessment today!

Have you just Bought a new house?

You are entitled to an HST rebate on a new construction condo, town home, duplex or detached home of up to $30,000.

did you buy a property to rent?

Most investors that have closed on a property in the past two years have paid a considerable amount of HST on closing and are entitled to a new residential rental property rebate of up to $30,000.

be aware of the cra

If you are intending to rent or sell in the near future–get advice! With voluntary disclosure we can help avoid a difficult conversation with CRA and ensure you get a rebate.

have you recently renovated?

Don’t forget the HST Renovation Rebate! CRA has HST rebate programs that provide a rebate on part of the GST/HST paid on the renovations, up to $24,000.

The CRA prescribes very specific rules

The CRA prescribes very specific rules with respect to the use of the investment property, with respect to the sale of the property, and the timeline to file for the refund. Without proper guidance early in the process investors lose the right to this rebate.

get your rebate without the hassle

In order to get your rebate you must first put a one year lease in place. Once you have your lease, contact us and we can get your rebate. In most cases we can get you your rebate in 4-6 weeks.

We help you understand how HST impacts your purchase

Contact us to find out how much HST you will have to pay on closing, and then find out how to get it back.

have you been recently denied your HST rebate?

Many clients contact us after receiving notice from CRA that their HST rebate has been denied. In most cases we can fix this. Give us a call.

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